This blog is dedicated to my sweetheart.

Yes, really, it’s true!

At the first glance it may not appear to be so but it is true and has been from the very beginning.

This blog does not show how little we understand each other but how well. In doing so, we experience everyday life as it is: always different, always new, always in a different light.

My sweetheart means the world to me and I love her with all my heart. She is my warm light in the darkness and my cooling shadow should things get too hot. I feel comfortable in her presence and her trust gives me strength and courage.

My sweetheart has a permanent place in my heart and I carry her with me at all times, everywhere. When she is not with me, I miss her dearly and wonder how she is doing. She is a woman who I can never really be mad at and making her happy means everything to me.

When my sweetheart is happy, I am happy and life becomes colourful and worth living again. Her love for me fills me with great pride and her feelings run through me like milk runs through coffee. She is a wonderful and beautiful woman who bestows her affection upon me without expecting anything in return.

In spite of all that: she is and always will be a woman. Just a little different, a little mysterious, so extremely charming.
Even after all this time, my sweetheart understands and knows how to surprise me – day in and day out.

And that is why I love her a little bit more than I already did before with every story in this blog.

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